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Policy No. 1112
The Board of Directors

The board will help newly-elected or appointed directors to understand the policies and procedures of the board.

The board and superintendent will provide the following:

  • Operating principles;
  • Procedures and protocol for school visitations;
  • Procedures for requesting information;
  • Procedures relating to personnel issues;
  • The proper handling of confidential information.

Newly-elected board members will be provided a copy of and an orientation in the following:

  • New Board Member Information Manual;
  • New Board Member Orientation Schedule;
  • District and board goals for the current year;
  • Policies and Regulations;
  • Student Rights, Responsibilities and Regulations brochure;
  • Administrative structure;
  • Collective bargaining agreements;
  • Current budget;
  • Latest financial report;
  • Final report of any committee established by the board for the previous twelve months;
  • Latest of student and school performance reports;
  • Official board minutes and agendas for the previous six months upon request.

The superintendent will provide an opportunity for board members to meet and discuss the role and function of the various divisions and departments.

Board members will be encouraged to attend meetings, workshops, and conferences about education, locally, statewide and nationally, to increase their competency as board members. Within the first six months of the election, the District will endeavor to register new board members for any new director onboarding courses offered by the Washington State School Directors’ Association.

Adoption Date: 3/11/99, 8/22/19
Revised: 12/13/2018

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