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Policy 0105
Strategic Planning

Vision Statement

Tacoma School District No. 10 supports creative and bold innovations that enhance school performance and student achievement as an essential part of meeting the benchmarks of its strategic plan.

We encourage well-founded, data-driven and prudent innovations that offer choices for different learning styles so that all children will achieve academic excellence.


Innovation: Current and future approaches to curriculum, instruction, staffing policies, school organization, learning, definitions of achievement, parent/family/student engagement, academic and community support services, uses of technology, and other strategies that improve school performance and academic achievement and are not typically associated with traditional schools. Innovation can occur through the curriculum, instructional strategy, family and community engagement, programs, school structure, and focus, and district reform or mandate.

Innovation Zone: The organizational culture that will be maintained by the district so that it has the capacity and environment to encourage innovation at all levels. Change agents will be afforded the level of independence, authority, and incentive necessary to pursue innovations free from undue barriers or interference while being held accountable for careful oversight and results.

Alignment with Strategic Plan

Current and proposed innovations shall be aligned with and further the district’s Strategic Plan and contribute to reaching student achievement benchmarks.

Access and Awareness

The district shall strive to provide students with equitable access to innovative approaches, and shall prioritize access, to the extent possible, for students with the greatest needs. Teachers, parents, students, and community organizations and leaders shall be provided with frequent and easily accessible information so they understand what innovative options exist within the district, the results the innovations are achieving, the types of learners who benefit from the innovations, and how students can participate.

Community Engagement

Parents, students, teachers, principals, and community organizations and leaders shall be encouraged to participate with the district in supporting innovating for achievement, and shall be provided with clear information about:

  • How to submit innovative ideas for consideration and the process and timeline for receiving a response.
  • How to provide input on specific current and new innovations at the district.
  • How to become engaged in expanding and strengthening innovating for achievement throughout the district.

Creativity and Accountability

The district shall strive to be on the leading edge of innovation among public schools in Washington. Innovations shall reflect best practices and be supported by a compelling theory demonstrating they will produce the expected outcomes. The district shall be fiscally responsible in supporting innovative approaches; maximize public, private and philanthropic resources; and ensure it can sustain innovative approaches shown to be successful. While flexibility and autonomy are necessary for innovation, accountability for effective implementation and results are required. Therefore, planning and implementation of innovations shall include a continuous assessment and improvement process to ensure the innovations are achieving their identified outcomes and whether improvements are needed.


The Superintendent shall develop an effective and efficient application and review process, including a fiscal note, by which innovations are proposed, implemented and monitored. The implementation process shall build on the factors that support innovation at the district, and reduce barriers. If there is demonstrable evidence that an innovation is not being implemented as approved, or that it is not producing the expected results, corrective actions will be required and monitored closely.

Policy Review
The School Board will review this policy at least annually for 5 years after enactment.

Cross Reference:

Board Policy 0100 Strategic Planning
Board Policy 2090 Instruction: Program Evaluation

Adoption Date: 10/29/2012

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