Equity Policy Review Team

To our Tacoma Community - The purpose of the Equity Policy Review Team is to create a space for community voices that can provide the District feedback on inclusive language and equitable practices in District policies. This is a step in our newly adopted and updated District Regulation 1310R - Policy Adoption and Revision Process.

We believe that the Equity Policy Review Team will help the District gather feedback in the policy development and revision process that is inclusive and engages our partners in the ownership of our policies.  These approaches could help us ensure that our policies foster equity within the community.

Representatives will review policies and add feedback 

The Equity Policy Review Team includes two Board members, two Tacoma Public Schools staff members and community members from various backgrounds and organizations that have committed to review policies as they go through the review process. For each policy review, there is an optional meeting for team members to learn more about the policy, to discuss with other team members and to provide verbal feedback.  Feedback received from the staff, our Equity Policy Review Team and community will be considered by Legal, the sponsoring department(s) and recommendations submitted to the Board for review.