COVID updates

On March 12th, 2020, Tacoma School District Board of Directors approved Resolution No. 2074, calling for a district-wide emergency closure and suspending policies, rules and/or regulations due to COVID-19.

Under the terms of this resolution, the Superintendent is authorized to:

  • Based upon the needs of the District and guidance from health and government agencies, to direct staff assignments during District closures including but not limited to essential employees who must report to work, employees who may be reassigned and employees whose services are not needed. The Superintendent may also adjust District Regulation 6972.4R based upon the unique situation posed by COVID-19. 
  • The Board hereby suspends all policies, rules and/or regulations that might otherwise prevent the Superintendent from taking immediate action that may be necessary to preserve and protect the District and its students and staff during the period that employee services are withheld;
  • For the term of this resolution and any subsequent extensions, the Superintendent has administratively approved the following items.