Attend a Meeting

School Board meetings begin at 6:00pm and are held in the 4th Floor Auditorium at the Central Administration Building at 601 South 8th Street in Tacoma, unless otherwise posted (Get directions). All regular board business meetings and study session meetings are public and everyone is encouraged to attend. Executive sessions are closed to the public. Public parking and the main entrance are located on the west side of the building at South G Street.



School board members encourage public participation. Your civil input is appreciated. Board members will not respond to your comments during the meeting. The Superintendent or her designee will follow-up with you after the meeting if action is needed. Instead of speaking at a meeting, you may also send an email to the board at

Option 1: In-Person Open Meeting:

  1. Public comment for those who wish to address the School Board will be taken in-person during the meeting. If you want to address the Board, you must submit a “Citizen’s Request to Speak” card to the board assistant PRIOR to the start of the meeting. “Citizen’s Request to Speak” cards are located on the table at the entrance of the auditorium.  Cards submitted after the public comment period has ended will not be considered at this session.
  2. The General Counsel will call your name when it is your turn to address the school board. Please speak into the microphone. 
  3. You may have up to three minutes to share your comments, or, if there are a large number of speakers, time may be limited at the President’s discretion.

Option 2: Written Comment:

  1. Prepare a written statement that will be attached to the board agenda and meeting minutes.
  2. Because this will be a public document, it is recommended that you prepare the statement in a separate document using an application such as Microsoft Word. At the top of the document, please identify yourself and the subject matter (a title) for your statement. Please do not include your phone number, address or email address unless you want that personal identifying information included in the public record.
  3. Submit your written statement via email to the school board secretary 24-hours PRIOR to the start of the meeting. Statements submitted after the deadline will not be considered at this session.
  4. Statements should be emailed to or Please specify in your email that your letter is "For Public Comment."
  5. Typically, the board allows up to three (3) minutes for you to share verbal comments. A three (3) minute verbal statement converts to approximately 300-500 words or up to 2 pages double spaced. Please limit your written statement to this guideline.
  6. During the meeting, the General Counsel will read into the record your name and the subject matter (title) of your statement. The General Counsel will not read your statement aloud during the meeting. However, your statement will be linked to the agenda so that members of the public will be able to read your statement.
  7. Your statement will also be linked to the meeting minutes for future reference.
  8. Members of the board will also review your written statement.

There is no public comment period during Board Study Sessions.