We're using a new tool called ThoughtExchange to gather your input. You'll be asked to answer one open-ended question with as many responses as you like and then move on to the next step which is Star. In Star, you'll see your thoughts and the thoughts of others and assign stars to each thought (from 1-5) depending on how strongly you agree or disagree with the idea.

ThoughtExchange keeps confidential who shared each thought and who assigned what ratings. You can rate as many thoughts as you'd like before moving on to Discover where you can see all the thoughts sorted by the average star rating.

You can also navigate by using the bar across the top to go back and share more ideas or star some more thoughts at any time.


November 1- 9, 2021
Should students participate in remote learning during inclement weather events?
4,243 Participants, 5,165 Thoughts, 60,150 Ratings


September 6-17, 2021
What is on your heart and mind as we start a new school year?
716 Participants, 669 Thoughts, 12,298 Ratings

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What is a ThoughtExchange

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