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FAQ Skyline

Construction is expected to run from May 2021 to July 2022, with Skyline re-opening in fall 2022. Students will attend school in the existing building until the new school is complete. In fall 2022, the old Skyline will be ready for other Tacoma students to use as their new schools are under construction. 

Q: When does construction start and end?
A: Construction begins in May and the new school opens fall of 2022.

Q: Will you be tearing down the old buildings on the site?
A: Skyline students currently use the existing school building and will continue to do so until their new school is complete. Afterwards, the old building will be used as a swing school for students during future construction projects. Bryant students will occupy the building starting fall 2022 for two years.

Q: Will there be enough parking to accommodate both schools?
A: A significant amount of additional parking on the new Skyline site, more than double, is part of the plans for the new school.

Q: Where is the music room?
A: The music room is on the left side of the building, near the gym/stage and across the hall from the cafeteria.

Q: This area is covered under the Tacoma smelter plume. Has the soil been tested? Will the grounds be sprayed down regularly to keep dust to an absolute minimum?
A: Yes, extensive environmental testing has been conducted on the soil. The soil will be mitigated and sprayed.

Q: Will the current plan for the new school include bike racks?
A: Yes, the school is being designed for approximately 375 students in grades K-5 and will include 20 new bike racks, per the City of Tacoma requirements.

Q: If I see trespassers or vandalism at the construction site, who do I call, Tacoma Police?
A: Yes. Please call 911 and report any crime on site.

Q: What is the site address?
A: 6301 N 23rd St., Tacoma

Q: Will the neighbors be notified of road closures and right-of-way improvements?
A: Yes. Neighbors will be notified in advance of any right-of-way improvements or any street/lane closures throughout the project.


Q: So many people in this area have enjoyed the park on a daily basis. When will the walking path be available?
A: We agree. During construction this park will not be accessible to the public for safety reasons. However, we are replacing the existing unpaved track with a smaller, paved track. The track and park will reopen to the public in the summer of 2022.


Q: Has the district reached out to Grace Baptist Church about parking at their lot during construction?
A: The construction crew will have ample parking during construction and will not need to utilize the church’s parking lot.

Q: Is there solar on the building?
A: After thorough investigation, solar proved to be too cost-prohibitive to incorporate and was not beneficial to our project for energy savings.

Q: Who do we contact about adding speed humps on our street?
A: This project will have significant street, sidewalk and curb improvements surrounding the school site. To request speed humps for your neighborhood street, you can contact the City of Tacoma Traffic Engineering Department and follow their process for speed humps.

Q: Are there any plans to upgrade the outside and inside of the old Skyline School?
A: Improvements to the existing Skyline building covers essential building systems, inside and outside, to ensure they are safe and functioning so that it can continue to house students for upcoming swing schools. The timing of those improvements will parallel the new Skyline construction.

Q: How much of the existing slope/hill on site at 23rd will still exist?
A:  The slope will remain but there will be a new fence at the bottom of the slope around the pre-k play yard.


Q: What are you doing to keep Whitman St. specifically open as it is a dead-end street?
A: The roads will not be closed overnight, and homeowners will be allowed access to the street and their homes during work improvements. As always, homeowners will be given advance notice of any street and sidewalk improvements.

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