Tacoma’s TV School expands to include grades four and five plus science lessons
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As students shift to hybrid learning, daily routines are changing and students in grades 3-5 have more independent learning time. Beginning March 15, Tacoma’s TV Classroom lessons will be available for K-5 students focusing on science and social-emotional learning. All lessons align with classroom curriculum. 

“We continue to look for ways to support students and teachers as the modes of learning and returning to school shift this year,” said Tammy Larsen Director, Program Alignment & Student Support. “We’re providing these video lessons and plans for teachers to use on those at-home learning days. We want to ensure students have more ways to connect with the learning with an intentional focus on the days they are not with their own teacher.” 

Each week, Tacoma teachers Ms. Walle and Ms. Ozolin will teach 16 total lessons. Lessons focus on science and social-emotional activities by grade level. Science lessons will integrate both ELA and math to support and align with Mystery Science lessons used in the classroom. Social-emotional lessons follow the Getting Along Together (GAT) curriculum.  

Lessons will continue to air daily on the KTPS TV (Comcast Channel 26 or Click/Rainier Connect Channel 25) or anytime on the TPS TV Classroom YouTube channel

TV School started last fall primarily to serve younger students in grades K-3 who did not have a computer or internet access at home. Through television, those students could stay connected to regular, entertaining, educational lessons tied to their developmental levels.  

This new expansion for grades 4-5 will supplement the instruction students in those grades need for the rest of the school year as they shift to part-time in-person instruction and less remote learning. K-2 students attend school in person four days per week. Grade 3 students attend school in person two days a week in cohorts; grades 4 and 5 will do so starting March 15 and 22, respectively.  

Due to space limitations, grades 3-5 will continue in cohorts through the end of the school year.  The TPS TV Classroom will continue to offer K-5 lessons through the end of the school year. 

To learn more about the TPS TV Classroom or see the broadcast schedule. visit their website. For more information, contact tvclassroom@tacoma.k12.wa.us

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