Superintendent statement on the Chauvin verdict
Supt. Santorno reading

Jurors announced their verdict to convict former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd.

This past year we’ve collectively banded together through the trauma of a public health crisis, an increase in more visible demands for justice through public protests over-policing, and the treatment of Black and Latino individuals, as well as increasing acts of hate towards Asian Americans. Our Tacoma community separated to protect each other and came together in the most challenging of times, to fight for the safety, inclusion, and rights of our citizens. 

We recognize the weight of the decision placed on a jury of our peers and applaud them for their courageous, fact-based decision.

As a District, Tacoma Public Schools will continue to stand with our students and staff as they work for change. Throughout history, there have been times of struggle and heartache for social justice. The civil rights movement is not a chapter in our History class. It is here, and it is now, and our students are living, feeling, and learning from each moment and decision we make as a learning community.

We stand with you as we move forward, with our continued focus on addressing the change that needs to be made in our system, but it needs to be made by the people impacted, not people who aren’t invested in the outcome. As an organization, we support the elimination of racism in all its manifestations and hold dear to the thought of wonderful TPS staff members pulling together each day.

We are thankful for those who are pillars of strength within and around our school community in support, and we remain committed to all dimensions of equity—multiculturalism, social justice, and cultural responsiveness. Your participation in our classrooms, afterschool sports and programs, and our public meetings are required for us to continue to build on our collective progress.

Systematic change is not easy, and we will continue engaging in difficult conversations in the following days, weeks, and years. As a school staff and community, we will continue to pay careful attention to the social-emotional well-being of our students and support them if they are struggling. The best way for us to support each other is to continue to provide the best quality education and service to those we love and care about—our students and their families.

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