Questions about school in the fall? Let us know what they are
Questions about school in the fall? Let us know what they are

Now that we have the big-picture plan for what school will look like in the fall, we are working to determine the details of what a school day will look like and all the pieces that go with it.

The big picture is that families can choose an online-only school taught by certificated teachers, or a hybrid model with some days of the week spent learning inside a school and some days spent learning from home.

While we’re working on the next stage of the plan, we’d like to hear from you again. What questions do you have about going back to school this fall? We’ll answer your questions in a series of live webinars to help all Tacoma families have a more complete picture of what the fall will look like.

Next steps
Some of the pieces we’re developing now include:

  • Creating a health screening process for students and staff to enter their school
  • Ensuring we meet the needs of students who require extra supports
  • Determining how to safely incorporate athletics and activities
  • Determining how to get meals to students on both the days they’re at school and at home
  • Developing student schedules for remote learning days
  • Ensuring students’ social-emotional wellbeing is supported
  • Creating a plan for online school
  • Working with community partners on Internet access and childcare for families
  • Setting up classrooms to meet social distancing requirements
  • Ensuring we follow guidelines to keep facilities and school buses clean

“No matter which piece of the day we’re planning, the health of our students and staff are the top priority,” said Superintendent Carla Santorno. “This will be a year of taking care of people, in every way. It’s an enormous challenge, but I’m confident in our team. We can do this.”

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