Important deadline for Tacoma Online new enrollment approaching
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Do you want to enroll your student in Tacoma Online (TOL)? If so, now is the time.

TOL is a K-12 program established at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year to provide students with a fully online school experience. Students in TOL will continue online, even as we transition students to in-person learning. Led by Tacoma teachers, TOL has a separate curriculum from remote learning and uses a curriculum platform called Edgenuity.

At the beginning of the school year, we asked families choosing Tacoma Online or remote learning to commit to at least the trimester for elementary and the semester for secondary students. The semester ends Feb. 5 for secondary students. And even though we're in the middle of a trimester for elementary, we're working to accommodate family requests with the shifts to in-person learning.

Do you want to shift your student from TOL to remote learning that will transition to a hybrid schedule with some in-person instruction? You can do that too.

Secondary students (Grades 6-12)
Current TOL students may wish to switch to remote learning at their home school, and vice versa. We ask that parents make their choice as soon as possible. We want to ensure we have staff in place and that we're able to support your student with the transition. Current TOL secondary parents must complete the online form to make a change. Students would begin their new program on Monday, Feb. 8.

un-enroll from TOL  Enroll in TOL

Secondary students wishing to enter TOL at the semester must complete the enrollment form. They will be placed on a waitlist while the enrollment team completes the transfer.

Elementary students (Grades K-5)
The second elementary trimester ends on March 12. However, as we begin to transition students to in-person learning, we have heard some families' desire to make a change now. Some want to switch from TOL to remote, and vice versa.

We are actively fulfilling elementary enrollment requests in and out of TOL. While we cannot guarantee placement, we are prioritizing kindergarten students. As of Jan. 20, we have fulfilled all kindergarten requests into TOL with a commitment to expediting requests in other grades. Current students wishing to unenroll from TOL need to complete the un-enrollment link. TOL will coordinate with the student's home school and provide follow-up details on space availability and dates.

un-enroll from TOL  Enroll in TOL

Students will be placed on a waitlist while we work to complete the transfer.

More information about TOL: TOL Frequently Asked Questions.

More information on the district's plans for transitioning to in-person learning: Hybrid Learning Frequently Asked Questions.  

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