Jan. 15: Transportation bargaining update

Formal negotiations for a full collective bargaining agreement between TPS and the union representing the bus drivers in the Transportation Department are set to start at the end of Jan.  Full bargains are also tentatively set for spring and summer of 2021 for ParaEducators, Trades, and the Security bargaining units. As these bargains begin, routine updates will be provided. 

Talks have also be ongoing the past few months with the Nutrition Services’ unit on a salary re-opener from the existing agreement and the Transportation unit as we near completing of an impact bargain leading to another memorandum of understanding (MOU).

During the past few months the District and its various bargaining units have continued to engage in a series of discussions concerning the ongoing pandemic and its impact on the workplace, our students, and families with a continual focus on the safety of all concerned.  As new information is brought to the District’s attention, or a new proclamation from the Governor is issued, the guidance is analyzed internally and shared with our labor partners to determine whether or not it impacts existing agreements that are in place.  To date, the MOU’s that have been negotiated the past six months have proven to be quite durable even in the face of an ever changing landscape. This is in large part due to the extensive discussions that have been common place between labor and management during the pandemic, with many excellent questions coming from our labor partners. 

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