Flyer Distribution

We work with non-profit community organizations to distribute information that may be of interest to our students and families. All materials must align with School Board Policy 4060 and be approved by the Communications Department.

We use an electronic flyer delivery service, Peachjar, to reduce waste, save time and eliminate paper costs. Approved flyers are emailed to families and posted to an online bulletin board on each school's website.

Submit Flyers for Approval & Distribution

If you are a TPS school or parent teacher group (PTA/PTSA/PTO), please email for assistance sharing your flyer for free.

If you are a non-profit community group or organization, please follow these steps to submit your flyer for distribution:

  1. Visit
  2. Register as a program provider (account type)
  3. Upload your flyer for approval
    1. Flyers must include the disclaimer notice below, be in PDF format, and sized 8.5 x 11 inches
  4. Your flyer will be reviewed and if approved, distributed to the selected school(s)

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact our Distribution of Materials Coordinator, Amber Slate, at 253-571-1015 or

Flyer Disclaimer Notice

All flyers to be distributed must include this disclaimer notice: "The district does not sponsor this event/activity/offer and the district assumes no responsibility for it. In consideration for the privilege to distribute these materials, the Tacoma School District No.10 shall be held harmless from any cause of action filed in any court or administrative tribunal arising out of the distribution of these materials, including all costs, attorney’s fees and judgments or awards."