COVID 19 Health and Safety

Students are in-person at school five days a week, as required by the governor, OSPI and Washington State Department of Health. TPS will continue to follow the guidance provided by the governor and state and local health authorities. See the March 12, 2022 State Department of Health guidance for preschools and K-12. 

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Health and Safety in our Buildings

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COVID Supervisors by Building

School COVID Supervisor Title Email
Arlington Ronnee E. Fullerton Principal Elementary
Baker Amy T. Latimer Principal Middle School
Baker Montell A. Carter Assistant Principal MS
Baker Nikki R. Shockley Assistant Principal MS
Baker Charmain Campbell Nurse
Birney Ronel J. Balatbat Principal Elementary
Birney Britni L. Proudman Assistant Principal ES
Blix Heather A. Johnson Principal Elementary
Blix Alissa G. Farias Assistant Principal ES
Boze Janet L. Gates-Cortez Assistant Principal Elementary
Boze Arron N. Wilkins Principal ES
Browns Point Cynthia A. Horner Principal Elementary
Bryant Scott R. Monson Principal Elementary
Bryant Ariel B. Becker Assistant Principal ES
Community Based Transisions Program Taj Jensen Director Title I and Support Programs
Crescent Heights Cassandra Stephani Principal Elementary
DeLong Eric T. Konishi Principal Elementary
DeLong Maura P. Toohey Assistant Principal ES
Downing Olga Manos Principal Elementary
Edison Anita L. Roth Principal Elementary
Edison Katrina R. Tuggle Assistant Principal ES
Edison Erinn Seeley Instructional Coach
Fawcett Emily Hathaway Principal Elementary
Fawcett Jana L. Holcombe Assistant Principal ES
Fern Hill Natasha N. Wyatt Principal Elementary
First Creek Casey E. Cox Principal Middle School
First Creek Robert Arial   Assistant Principal MS
First Creek Tim Harris Assitant Principal ES
Foss Lysandra D. Ness Principal High School
Foss Wayne A. Greer Assistant Principal HS
Franklin Constance E. Daw Principal Elementary
Franklin Sandy Izaguirre Office Coordinator Elem sizagui@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Geiger Neil P. OBrien Principal Elementary
Geiger Roxanne Luvaas Office Coordinator Elem
Giaudrone Shannan L. Graves Principal Middle School
Giaudrone Khai Q. Peirce Assistant Principal MS
Grant Vince P. Blauser Principal Elementary
Gray Kristin A. Tinder Principal Middle School
Gray Anne Mosich Assistant Principal MS
Hilltop Heritage Christine A. Brandt Principal Middle School
Hilltop Heritage Michael W. Knuckles Principal Middle School
Hilltop Heritage Anna B. Kang Assistant Principal MS
Hunt Kimberly E. Messersmith Principal Middle School
Hunt David Kellogg Assitant Principal MS
IDEA Jonathan R. Ketler Director, SAMI/SOTA/IDEA
IDEA Kainoa S. Higgins Co-Director IDEA
IDEA Zach Varnell Co-Director SAMI/SOTA/IDEA
Jefferson James G. Ball Principal Elementary
Larchmont Melissa L. Thienes Principal Elementary
Lincoln Patrick J. Erwin Principal High School
Lincoln Logic S. Allah-Amen Assistant Principal HS
Lincoln Jennifer M. Brown Assistant Principal HS
Lincoln Saraswati Hendrix Assistant Principal HS
Lister Kristi C. King Principal Elementary
Lister Carie B. Bourgaize Assistant Principal ES
Lowell Renee Rossman   Principal Elementary
Lyon Sharon Tsuneishi   Principal Elementary
Madison Early Learning Center Michelle Rahl-Lewis Director of Early Learning/Head Start & ECEAP
Manitou Park Lauren A. Taylor Principal Elementary
Manitou Park Lisa A. Gibbs Assistant Principal ES
Manitou Park Shannon Trujillo Office Coordinator Elem strujil1@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Mann Heather R. Patterson-Hutton Principal Elementary
Mann Katherine Boyd Substitute Principal Retired
Mann Kelley Salas Office Coordinator Elem ksalas@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Mason Joshua S. Zarling Principal Middle School
Mason Mark E. Phillips Assistant Principal MS
Mason Kevin Pattison Behavioral Intervention Specialist
McCarver Stephany M. Wright Principal Elementary
McCarver Ryan N. Prosser Assistant Principal ES
Meeker Patrick L. Kjack Principal Middle School
Meeker James C. Van Stralen Assistant Principal MS
Mt Tahoma David K. McColgan Principal High School
Mt Tahoma Rosalia Burson Assistant Principal HS
Mt Tahoma Nicholas A. Parks Assistant Principal HS
Mt Tahoma Andrea M. Pham Assistant Principal HS
N.E. Tacoma Kristeanna L. Devenuti Principal Elementary
Oakland John M. Jones Principal High School
Pt Defiance John Aiken Principal Elementary
Reed Abby C. Sloan Principal Elementary
Reed Kimberly A. Hildebrandt Assistant Principal ES
Roosevelt Jennifer K. Cooper Principal Elementary
Roosevelt Bianca Gomez Instructional Coach bgomez@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Roosevelt Beverly Simmons Community Liaison
SAMI Jonathan R. Ketler Director, SAMI/SOTA/IDEA
SAMI Joni R. Hall Co-Director SAMI
SAMI Elizabeth L. Minks Co-Direcotr SAMI
SAMI Zach Varnell Co-Director SAMI/SOTA/IDEA
Sheridan Kecia J. Keller Principal Elementary
Sheridan Marissa K. McColm Assistant Principal ES
Sherman Christian L. Jordan Principal Elementary
Sherman Sarah Paskett Office Coordinator Elem spasket@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Silas Bernadette C. Ray Principal High School
Silas Allison Bennett Assistant Principal HS
Silas Rindi R. Hartman Assistant Principal HS
Silas Karl P. Hoseth Assistant Principal HS
Skyline Regina Lake Principal Elementary
SOTA Jonathan R. Ketler Director, SAMI/SOTA/IDEA
SOTA Bliss L. King Co-Director SOTA
SOTA Aaron Bellessa Co-Director SOTA
SOTA Zach Varnell Co-Director SAMI/SOTA/IDEA
SOTA Rolly Brazel Campus Security Officer rbrazel@Tacoma.k12.Wa.US
Stadium Shannon R. Marshall Principal High School
Stadium Dwayne K. Folsom Assistant Principal HS
Stadium Thomas L. Frier Assistant Principal HS
Stadium Maryn K. Sage Assistant Principal HS
Stafford Lindsay K. Bowman Principal Elementary
Stafford Ryann N. Nelson Assistant Principal ES
Stanley Julia L. Heacox Principal Elementary
Stewart Donald L. Crider Principal Middle School
Stewart Michael Elford Assistant Principal MS
TOL Adam Kulaas Principal
TOL Shaun A. Martin Assistant Principal
TOL R. Paul Eliot Assistant Principal
TOL Kristie Stanek-Wolford Assistant Principal
Truman Andre Stout  Principal Middle School
Truman Mark D. Kilcup Assistant Principal MS
Truman Robin Anable Office Coordinator MS RANABLE@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Wainwright Donna M. Basil Principal Middle School
Wainwright Susan J. Chandler Assistant Principal MS
Wainwright Michelle Van Dyke Office Coordinator MS MVANDYK1@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Washington Edward B. Schau Principal Elementary
Whitman Tracy E. Allen Principal Elementary
Whittier Benjamin E. Schau Principal Elementary
Whittier Traci Frank Instructional Coach tfrank@Tacoma.K12.Wa.US
Willard Michelle R. Rahl-Lewis Director Early Learning
Willard Christina Dabney Admin Secretary Early Learning
Willie Stewart Academy & Remann Hall Renee  Froembling Principal High School
Willie Stewart Academy Becca Christenson Teacher Reengagement bchrist1@Tacoma.K12.WA.US