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Better Together

Tacoma Public Schools is committed to the belief that we are better together. That means every student, teacher, parent, staff member, volunteer and community member connected to our schools plays a role in helping our students thrive. As a result, our community grows stronger.

Throughout the 2022-23 school year, we’re telling the stories of TPS students growing and thriving with the help of the people around them. Check out our printed #BetterTogether calendar and watch this page for a new video story each month.

Let's continue to come together this year to strengthen our community and help every student learn and succeed. We can and should do this because we are truly better together.


Issiah keeps showing the world, and himself, what he’s capable of. While he manages his schooling, he also delivers lunches for the district’s CAB Cafe, which provides high schoolers with disabilities the opportunity to gain work experience. During the summer, he maintains forest trails. As Issiah’s confidence grows, he’s becoming an example of positivity and kindness to his peers.

January 2022


For Leila, dancing is more than just fun – it’s an expression of her heritage. She’s a member of Tautua Pasifika, a student club celebrating Pacific Islander culture through traditional dance and music. The Mount Tahoma group helps Leila connect to her Samoan roots and better understand her identity. 

December 2022


David is an example of what happens when an education community unites to meet a student’s needs. From the time he entered preschool, he’s had the backing of dozens of special education and general education teachers, administrators, therapists and coaches – and the unconditional love of his mom. Now he’s thriving and growing more independent every day. 

November 2022


A growing number of elementary students know him simply as Coach Gabe. As one of many student coaches for Beyond the Bell, he learns the joys and challenges of being a role model, teacher and mentor, while the young athletes discover a greater sense of belonging. 

October 2022


Tacoma Online (TOL) keeps students and educators together, even when they are miles apart. TOL’s flexible schedule lets Ellie do her schoolwork anytime, anywhere, allowing her to focus on her passion for dance and support her family.

September 2022


Truth and Honesty are Rainier Scholars, achieving students, role models and leaders, but it wasn’t always that way. In kindergarten, they struggled to stay in class and keep up with school work. What made the difference? Their own hard work and the unwavering support, consistency and patience of their family and school staff.

Upcoming stories

March - Better Together

WE ARE SMARTER TOGETHER: Video Premiere March 1, 2023

For Pi Day, March 14, Lyon students memorized as many digits of pi as they could. José soon found he had a knack for numbers and could remember more digits than anyone at school. His teacher and classmates helped him uncover an unexpected talent, and together, they celebrate it. 

April - Better Together

WE ARE ADVENTUROUS TOGETHER: Video Premiere April 1, 2023

Gary isn’t interested in social divisions—he’s got too much to do. He performs in musicals and plays. He dances. He runs track. He plays soccer and basketball. His adventurous spirit means he’s at home among many types of students, and Hunt gives him plenty of chances to explore his talents.  

May - Better Together

WE ARE COMMITTED TOGETHER: Video Premiere May 1, 2023

As a child in Tacoma Public Schools, Kendy felt the power of good teachers. In the Teach 253 program at Lincoln High School, Lisa Egenes helped her envision a future where she could have that power. Now she’s back in Tacoma as a first-year teacher, committed to serving the kids of her community. 

June - Better Together


This month, the graduating Class of 2023 will enter the world as confident, educated adults. At every step of their school journey, they were nurtured, supported, served and sustained by their communities – at school, at home and throughout this city. They are living proof that we are better together. 

Graduation Websites Coming Soon