Prop. 1 Facts & Information

Thank you, voters, for supporting our schools!

Students holding signs saying thank you, voters!

Voters resoundingly approved Prop. 1, the Neighborhood School Improvements & Safety Upgrades measure on the Feb. 13 ballot.

A 60% supermajority vote was required to pass the measure; 68.9% of voters said “yes.”

That news gets a huge “thank you” from the littles in the Whitman Elementary kindergarten classes of Tonia Neal, Andi McKay and Madeline Trotter.

Prop. 1 will replace or renovate 11 aging sites, including Whitman. It would also give schools needed building improvements, health/safety upgrades, access to expanded career and technical education, and food from a central school district kitchen.

Neighborhood School Improvements and Safety Upgrades

Replace or renovate 11 aged and deteriorating neighborhood schools.

Roof and mechanical upgrades so buildings last longer, saving money in the long run.

Projects range from early learning, career and technical education, and post-secondary preparation.

Improvements to aging plumbing and HVAC systems, ADA improvements, security cameras, fire alarms and sprinklers.

Cost of Prop. 1

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